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Arkansas is currently dealing with several forms of drug addiction throughout the state. While progress is being made in some areas of drug abuse, others are rapidly rising. Part of this is due to the state’s location in the United States. Sitting right above Louisiana, Arkansas sits on the Mississippi River and several of the main transport routes from the Gulf Coast into the rest of the country.

Situated as it is on these main arteries, Arkansas can get hit with a lot of drug traffic. Producers of mass quantities of cocaine, marijuana and other drugs can land their shipments in Texas, Louisiana or one of the other coastal states and then move on up into middle America. And if a lot of these drugs go no further and are just consumed in Arkansas itself, well, that’s all the better for the drug producers. It’s not good for Arkansas, though, so many concerned citizens are now taking steps to stem the tide of drugs pushing into the state.

Here are several other facts about the state of drug addiction and drug rehab in Arkansas.

Drug Facts and Statistics in Arkansas

The following are general drug facts and statistics for the state of Arkansas. They are:

  • 7.8 percent of Arkansas residents use illegal drugs every month. This is actually lower than the national average of 8.82 percent of Americans.
  • While the number of Arkansas residents using drugs every month is lower than the national average, the number of drug-induced deaths is actually higher than the national average.
  • 4 percent of Arkansas report that they have used an illegal drug other than marijuana in the past month. While the overall number of residents using drugs is lower than the national average, the number using “harder” drugs (not marijuana) is higher than the national average as well.
  • 384 people died as a direct consequence of drug use in 2009.

What Drugs are Being Used

In the end of October of 2013, Arkansas Matters published a story on the ongoing prescription issues plaguing the state of Arkansas. As the state collected pills for safe disposal one father spoke about the problem. He lost his son after a prescription drug overdose when his went into respiratory depression after taking Methadone and Xanax. He was 17 years old. Another article in Arkansas Business reports that the state is seeing one death like this per day; drug overdose deaths from prescription opioid painkiller drugs. Because most of these drugs are being taken and abuse from the home medicine cabinet the state is holding a series of drug Take Back days where people can bring unused and unneeded prescriptions so they can be safely disposed of.

Here are the other threats to the state of Arkansas with drug use:

  • Marijuana is responsible for the highest number of drug treatment admissions in the state, at approximately 32 percent.
  • This is a decline from a high of near 39 percent of all admissions in 2001.
  • Cocaine and crack, following a trend across much of the country, are also in a steep decline. Admissions for treatment of these drugs are now down to about 12 percent of the total number of admissions.
  • After a four-year decline, stimulants such as meth are now on the rise again. These drugs are responsible for almost as many admissions as marijuana, at about 30 percent.
  • As stated previously and like many other states, opioid drugs such as prescription painkillers are also making huge gains. After staying level for many years under 10 percent, opioids are now responsible for 20 percent of admissions, a doubling of admissions in just four years.

With the growing drug threats to the state of Arkansas there is one solution. That solution is effective Arkansas drug treatment.

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