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If one looks through the course of human history, it is noticeable that societies and civilizations did better whenever art was in abundance, and whenever art was in short supply or even entirely non-existent, societies and civilizations “coincidentally” fell. Art is communication and can lift one’s spirit even in the most difficult times.

Every group of people on Earth has had some form of music by which it communicates emotions and ideas. Music is one of the most important versions of art, and one form of art that can sometimes do an amazing amount of good for individuals who are stressed, overwhelmed or experiencing difficulties in life. This is easy to understand when you consider that listening to your favorite song seems to somehow act upon you in a calming way.

It is easy to see then how sane, happy, healthy artists are a very important part of our society, and a necessary component to the success and happiness of individuals in a civilization. It is therefore vital for musicians and other artists to remain unaffected by damaging drugs or receive the rehabilitation treatment they need for drug addiction, not only for their own happiness and health, but indeed for the happiness and health of the world around them.

The Reason Behind Drug Use Amongst Musicians and Artists

Individuals normally turn to drugs because they are experiencing a difficult or overwhelming situation in their life. It could be a job loss, financial difficulties, the strain on familial relations or some other problem that causes the individual to feel helpless and overwhelmed. Because the chemicals in drugs are designed to suppress unpleasant sensations and even stimulate pleasurable sensations, the individual looks to drug use as an “easy fix” to get their mind off life problems. Unfortunately, the problems still exist when the drug wears off and because the individual still feels helpless or entirely unable to address and resolve the problem, they usually turn to the use of more drugs in order to further suppress the problem. Over time the body becomes dependent on and tolerant of the drug, and the individual finds that they are trapped in addiction.

A musician or artist who is trying to create art while under the influence of drugs often creates very poor quality art in comparison to that which they created while sober. While drugs numb the unwanted sensations in the individual’s life, they are not choosy and often also block the desirable sensations as well. Many musicians and artists draw from pleasant life sensations in order to create their art, sensations that no longer present themselves in the same way while under the influence of drugs.

It is also the musician’s an artist’s ability to look out to life around them and to be aware of the present environment that often allows them to freely create their art. The chemicals in drugs trap the mind into thinking about nothing except the attainment and use of more drugs. Musicians and artists who are under the influence of drugs may then create pieces that glorify or idolize drugs. These pieces can be confusing or upsetting to the public, especially to young, impressionable minds who may consider the use of dangerous drugs simply because of the way they are idolized in songs they are hearing. For those who are themselves suffering from drug addiction, songs like these can make them feel normal to be trapped in substance abuse and therefore unwilling or unaware of the need for help to change this condition.

The Value of Drug Treatment for Musicians and Artists

Musicians and artists who are clean and sober are more likely to create pieces that communicate about the beauties of life, and help boost up the minds and souls of the individuals around them. In a world where life is routinely tough and has to be played just right to be won, these sorts of uplifting artistic contributions can very well make the difference between a society that is focused on drugs, crime and war or peace, love and happiness.

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