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The 12-step model is one of the most common methods of rehabilitation for addicts today. Developed in the 1930s, this method had been the first of its kind to help get people off of the drugs and back on the path of life. For all of its popularity, though, there has been a steady decline in people willing to attend traditional rehab. More and more people are beginning to relapse and seek out other forms of detox and rehab. Methods such as the holistic approach have been gaining popularity – and research is beginning to show more and more substantial evidence that this method is better than the traditional programs.

Non 12 Step Drug Treatment Methods

The method involved in non 12-step treatment is based on completely healing the person of the physical and mental components that led to addiction. This includes the body, mind, and spirit in order to teach the addict to support themselves rather than turn to harmful substances to feel better. Programs offering these methods have specific protocol for the three elements of health – mind, body, and spirits.

For the body, programs offer:

1) The use of a nutritional, well-balanced diet to support and cleanse the body, including the proper amount of vitamins and minerals to promote good health.

2) Various methods of relaxation, such as acupuncture, massage, or specialized chiropractic methods

3) Yoga, dance or water therapy for further body healing, relaxation, and tension release.

For a healthy mind, these programs offer specific services to clear mental tension and self-doubt. These programs include, but are not limited to:

1) Services dealing with trauma and unearthing internal issues, such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), psychodrama, or shadow work.

2) Programs tailored to reverse self-doubt and other issues that triggered the drug use.

3) Individual and group therapy for support and revealing the underlying pains that lead to drug use.

4) Follow-up support after the completion of rehab to ensure the patient is staying on the right path and that the patient has the appropriate level of support.

Non 12 step treatment programs might include a few or all of the above services in any order. These programs are proven to provide a different level of treatment than traditional methods. During holistic treatment, the patient comes to completely learn who they are – their emotional beliefs, their body chemistry, and even their fitness and habits. These programs are often individualized as each person is different with a different story and background. Holistic programs believe a person cannot fully heal and overcome a drug problem without learning who they are and healing every damaged aspect of themselves. Simply treating the addiction symptoms, which is what some traditional programs do, will never help someone overcome a drug problem.

How the Non 12 Step Approach Differs

Many experts believe that addiction is a disease, a sickness that infects the body, and is very hard to overcome. This is the rationale behind traditional drug rehab. Traditional programs treat the symptoms and then continue to work on recovery through the 12 steps and work done in these. Addicts are considered ‘in recovery.’ And while traditional or 12 step treatment was one of the first methods for substance abusers some need a more comprehensive and individualized approach to handling addiction.

That is where the non 12-step approach aims – the source of the problems. Non traditional programs believe that a drug addiction is a symptom of an underlying problem, which they work to help the addict realize. The problems are often a past or present trauma resulting in an inner pain or self-criticism.

Non 12 step treatment centers specialize in eliminating the self-destructive emotions that lead to substance abuse and help get the addict back on their feet. A person with an addiction problem is not a bad person, according to the holistic approach. Healing is the main focus of these programs, not blame. Because of this, holistic programs have a high success rate and a lower rate of relapse.

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