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While research suggests that there is a strong association between poverty and drug addiction, there are still thousands of people with no financial issues that have problems with substance abuse.[1] However, those with more money have many more avenues for handling addiction. Rehabilitation centers are rarely inexpensive. While there are some rehabilitation centers that try to provide options for those in poverty (either through government grants or donations), there are also some that are made for the luxurious lifestyle. In this article, we will learn about how luxury rehab works and its benefits.

Luxury Drug Rehab – No Structured Punishment

There are two main aspects to luxury rehab that make it different than most other kinds. The first is, of course, the luxurious environment. (We will get further into that later in the article.) However, there is also a difference in the way the residents are treated. For the past several decades, rehabilitation centers often use an “attack therapy” model. Using this model, the addicts are aggressively treated in order to stop addicts from using. It was a threatening approach, and not one that has been found statistically successful. In luxury rehab, the approach is based on the concept that structured punishment is not necessary to convince an addict to stop using. Instead, luxury rehab provides a relaxing, spa-quality environment that helps residents relax after a day of healing therapy.

Aspects of Luxury Addiction Treatment

While luxury rehab centers are different from holistic rehab centers, there are some aspects of the two that are the same. Holistic medicine is a concept where the medical practitioners heal the overall person rather than just the illness. The complete individual including his physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health is taken into account when treating.[3] While the medical practitioners may not specifically label themselves as holistic medical professionals, the luxury rehab centers include some of the main points. For example, the use of acupuncture, yoga, meditation and sauna sessions are very common in holistic treatment as well as luxury rehab centers.

Qualities of Luxury Drug Treatment

As the name suggests, the luxurious quality of the luxury rehab centers is very high. At luxury rehab centers, the resident’s comfort is crucial to the success of the program. Apart from the glamorous design, their facilities include wireless internet, high-quality TVs, private chefs, supervised shopping excursions and much more. Some luxury rehab centers even allow those that have demanding jobs to have cell phones so their business will not be disturbed.

While all the above is fabulous, all the luxury would be wasted if the treatment professionals didn’t get the job done. Residents receive an individual diagnosis that identifies all issues (drug, mental, eating disorders, etc.). The standard of doctors and therapists to be hired at luxury rehab facilities is higher than may be at other rehab centers. In addition, residents have fitness and nutritional counseling available to them to encourage a healthy lifestyle. The goal is to incorporate luxury and relaxation in both the environment and the treatment itself.

Affordable Care in Luxury Rehab

As you may assume from reading all the above, luxury rehab centers are quite expensive. While the starkest difference between a luxury rehab center and another one is simply the luxurious environment, there are others as well. The manner in which the addicts are treated and the medical professionals are also different. Unfortunately, not everybody has the financial means to attend such a luxurious treatment center. If that is the case, the basic principles of luxurious rehab can be enough to help (concept of treating more than just the physical addiction). However, if you have the means to attend a luxury rehab center, it has the potential to be an invigorating experience.

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