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A drug addiction does not discriminate. Executives of corporations and companies are just as likely to fall victim to a drug addiction as anyone else. Unfortunately for them, though, their work responsibilities do not always allow the allotted time necessary to seek out rehab and spend the time to recover. With this in mind, the executive rehab facility was created.

What is Different about Executive Rehab

Many executive officers have serious drug problems brought on by the stress (or the “fruits”) of their labors. These problems need inpatient care to resolve. Some experts say that three months is the minimum amount of time needed for an addict to fully take advantage of inpatient care. Obviously, an executive cannot afford to be away from work for three months with no contact. Executive rehab was created to accommodate “higher ups” with all of their work responsibilities while offering the best of amenities while they recover. The therapeutic services do not differ greatly from common residential facilities, however, the patients are able to maintain contact with their jobs on a day-to-day basis.

Do not misread; no patient going to executive rehab should go in thinking they will be able to put in an 8-hour shift on the job. Recovery requires effort and determination. The main objective of rehab is just that, but the experience will not completely cut them off from their worldly responsibilities.

Executive drug rehab facilities are completely confidential. For obvious reasons, an executive cannot risk their reputation taking a hit, and a drug problem can lead to a catastrophic end. Executive facilities understand this and will never reveal the executive’s stay at the facility without direct permission from them. All contact with the facility will never be revealed, and follow-up contact will never happen without the patient’s consent.

Executive Comfort in Substance Abuse Treatment

In comparison to common inpatient facilities, executive rehab facilities are more comparable to a 5-star resort than a recovery facility. As executives are more accustomed to a higher standard of living, their rehab facilities have worked to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Executive facilities are located in secluded locations with beautiful views and oceanfront sights. Suites offer the highest quality of comfort with balconies overlooking the ocean or other scenic atmospheres.

They also offer the most in sports and activity, as rehab is best accomplished through the complete healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Many facilities offer tennis, golf, or other activities to help the patient feel comfortable and focus on healing.

The therapeutic services offered at these facilities are second to none. Executives will learn from each other in various peer groups geared towards teaching the patients about the behaviors of addicts. Peer recovery sessions teach patients about the pressures and responsibilities that lead to abusive behaviors and help them understand what triggered their problems. Private counseling is also available to help the patient become more personally aware of what underlying issues they might be harboring within. Through these programs, a patient is able to develop a plan to become and stay sober.

Executive drug rehab facilities offer the best for senior officers. Patients should expect top of the line services in areas of comfort, therapy, and confidentiality. In executive rehab, patients will be able to maintain and handle their responsibilities while being able to put the necessary effort into their recovery. Massages and professional workouts with trainers are also available at these facilities. Executive rehabs also do not have the long duration that common residential facilities have. A month’s stay is common among executive rehab. Though the purpose of rehab is recovery, executives are able to get better with little more time away than that of a vacation. Executive rehab centers are some of the best centers in the world.

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