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Best Inpatient Rehab Programs

Best Inpatient Rehab Programs

Inpatient drug rehabilitation treatment is a type of drug rehab where the person lives at the facility where they are receiving treatment, until the treatment is completed. The patients might live in gender-specific dorms or halls. The person receives around the clock supervision while in the facility. Treatment activities might include medical assessment, individual therapy, detoxification, specialty groups, fitness, educational lectures, and group therapy. Some programs are lockdown programs, so you must stay at the center for the entire time and cannot have visitors. Other programs allow you to come and go as you please.

Differences Between Inpatient Treatment and Other Programs

Inpatient rehab centers also vary in terms of how long the program lasts. Some inpatient drug rehab centers are designed for and cater to specific categories of addicts, such as women only, or high-level executives, for example. Others will take anyone. Some programs require family members to attend therapy sessions with the addict. Some programs are as short as 30 days, while other programs last up to a year. Most residential treatment programs last 30, 60, or 90 days. Many programs have medical care available on the facility grounds. Because the detoxification process of the recovery can be medically difficult, any medical issues that arise can be dealt with immediately.

An inpatient type of program has the advantage of removing any distractions to the recovery process. A residential program allows patients to avoid the temptations that led them to take the drugs they are now addicted to. In addition, patients are removed from the people and places that served as triggers to the drug intake, allowing them to concentrate fully on their recovery programs.

Varying Philosophies of Treatment

There are various types of inpatient drug rehabilitation treatment facilities, with different philosophies of drug treatment and rehabilitation. Some facilities involve the drug abuser in a “12-Step” type program (similar to Alcoholics Anonymous), a major part of which is to ask God for help. Many of these programs feel there is no cure for alcoholism and drug addiction.

Another variety of facility looks at drug rehab as a “choice based process”, in which they say an individual will not, in fact, be receiving rehabilitation or treatment. The drug abuser will be educated. A choice based program believes that substance abuse is not a disease, it is a choice. The use of substances is not judged and the individual is not considered a patient. They are considered to be a “guest” of the facility. The individual is not diseased. He or she has simply chosen the option of instant gratification over other options that provide deferred, lasting happiness.

Higher-end Options For Inpatient Care

Some inpatient facilities label themselves as “Luxury” or “Executive” rehab centers. They say they allow the use of laptops or mobile devices, so that the addicted businessperson can attend rehab, while still running their business. Some of these facilities offer amenities you would expect to enjoy only in the nation’s best hotels, such as maid and/or housekeeping services, in-house massage therapy, 5-star chef-prepared meals, etc.

There are also long-term inpatient facilities, where the addict stays for as long as two years. These facilities are often used by long-term drug abusers, who have failed in shorter-term facilities, or started using drugs again after completing a drug treatment program. Some of these facilities strictly control the addicts and require them to work in the facility. They allow increased freedom as a reward for good behavior.

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