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Benefits of Faith-Based & Religious Rehab Centers

Benefits of Faith-Based & Religious Rehab Centers

The only real requirement for a successful rehab program is that the staff and the addicts both genuinely want to see the addicts get healthy and sober so they can put their lives back together. If this is in place, everything else will come naturally. The different paths to getting there, however, are as different as each individual addict is different.

One very popular method of a drug rehab centers in America, for example, is religious drug rehab. Instead of just addressing the physical components of what is going on with the addict, religious rehabs are going to address the spiritual, as well. These centers will use prayer and Bible study to supplement the regular, physical address to drug rehabilitation that takes place in all centers.

The Connection to Alcoholics Anonymous

One of the most famous types of rehab program (even if it is not a type of in-patient program itself) uses the 12-step program. Some of the key steps of the 12-step program involve deciding that you are powerless to overcome your addict and giving up the power for getting you through this over to God. Some people find this approach controversial, as the addict eventually needs to take responsibility for how he is doing in life and also needs to recognize how he got there. Others have felt that this component of treatment was a primary factor that contributed to their recovery.

Religious rehabs that use this premise find that passing your power over addiction off to God helps make the addict more powerful and gives a greater chance of success.  The addict must be humble, but he can still ask God for help in getting through the toughest portion of his life. If this prayer is comforting for the addict, then it doesn’t matter if others feel that it doesn’t actually do anything.

How Religious & Spiritual Drug Rehabs are Different

In general, religious rehabs won’t actually be that different from secular ones. The main components of one of these rehabs will be very similar to a “regular” rehab. This is simply because the main components of all rehab centers is what works and gets people clean. For example, all rehabs will need to first help the addict simply going through withdrawal and detox from whatever drugs he was taking.

He can then progress to therapy or educational courses to learn more about himself and to prepare himself with skills needed for being a functioning, productive member of society. This, however, is one area where religious rehabs are different. Instead of just doing educational study, religious rehabs will also include prayer time and church time as well. Many of these rehabs will have their own church services available for addicts, as well. With a residential center with enough land, some rehabs even have their own whole church buildings on site.

Comparing Religious vs Non Religious Treatment

A valid question for any addict looking into what rehab may be right for him is, “Are religious rehabs any more effective than secular ones?” This is a tough question to answer, as the success of any rehab center ultimately lies with the staff and system implemented in that specific location.

Some religious rehabs are very successful at making sober, successful graduates; others aren’t quite there. It’s well worth your time to research many different rehabs individually to find out which one is right for you. When you find it, you’ll know that it’s the right center whether it’s a religious rehab or not. Ask lots of questions and ask to tour the facility, and you’ll soon know if this is the type of rehab center you want or not.

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